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Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus

Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus 2023: Free Download PDF (UG & PG)

Thiruvalluvar university syllabus for all the UG (Undergraduate), PG (Post Graduate) & PhD courses are available for free to download on our website.

You can download the complete syllabus for all the years of the course in pdf format using the links given under each section. 

To make it easy for you to find out the complete syllabus of Thiruvalluvar University, we have created a Table of Contents, as shown below. 

All you have to do is to follow this table & select the course of your choice & you are good to go!

About Thiruvalluvar University

Thiruvalluvar University is a public university in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. It is named after the ancient Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar. The university was established in Oct 2002. 

The university was modelled on the lines of the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and the University of California, Berkeley. Thiruvalluvar University offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses. 

The university is divided into three faculties, namely Arts and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, and Management.

The syllabus of various UG & PG courses is given in the below section.

Thiruvalluvar University UG Syllabus

Thiruvalluvar University offers a wide range of undergraduate, post graduate & PhD courses. Some of the top UG courses include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, BSW (Bachelor of Social Work), BBA, B.Com & BCA.

Follow the below sections:

01. BA Syllabus

Bachelor of Arts Course is a degree program that has been developed to provide students with a well-rounded education that is not only focused on teaching social sciences and humanities but also provides students with an understanding of the practical applications of these fields.

The duration of the Bachelor of Arts course is 3 to 4 years & Thiruvalluvar University offers these courses in the following disciplines. 

You can simply click the download link below the table to download the complete syllabus of the BA course in pdf format.

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EconomicsDefense & Strategic StudiesCorporate Economics
Political ScienceArabicPublic Administration

02. BSc Syllabus

The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) course has been designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the science and technology of health, environment, and materials. 

The curriculum of the course is structured around a foundation of core courses in chemistry, physics and biology and is supplemented by electives in other disciplines.

Course Duration: 3 to 4 years

Subjects offered by Thiruvalluvar University:

Visual CommunicationMathematicsChemistry
Industrial ChemistryPhysical EducationBotany
BiochemistryComputer ScienceMicrobiology
Information System ManagementInterior Design and DecorNutrition, Food Service Management. & Dietetics
PhysicsSoftware CSEnvironmental Management

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03. BSW Syllabus

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is a social work course which is offered in India by National Institute of Social Work.

It is a 4-year-long course and is affiliated with the Indian Council of Social Science Research. The syllabus of the BSW course for Thiruvalluvar University can be downloaded using the link below.

04. BBA Syllabus

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year course of study which is aimed at those who have diverse interests and are interested in the field of Business.

At Thiruvalluvar University, the duration of BBA course is three years & the complete syllabus can be easily downloaded through the below link.

05. B.Com Syllabus

The Bachelor of Commerce is a full-time three-year course of study designed to give students a broad-based understanding of business and management. It is a professional course of study designed for students who want to pursue a career in business, management or the public sector. 

The course is divided into six semesters and comprises a range of subjects such as economics, management, marketing, human resources, international business, finance, accounting, international trade, information technology and public sector management. 

The three-year course is designed to provide students with a range of skills and knowledge that can be applied to a wide range of business-related professions.

B.ComFinance & Accounts
Computer ApplicationsCorporate Secretaryship

06. BCA Syllabus

The Bachelor of Computer Applications course is a three-year course that provides a solid foundation for computer science in India. 

The course is offered in India by a number of educational institutions. It is divided into six semesters. 

In the first year, you will get to learn the basics of C programming & as the course moves forward, you will learn other major programming concepts.

Thiruvalluvar University PG Syllabus

Along with UG courses, Thiruvalluvar University also offers a wide range of Post graduate courses that you can do after completing your undergraduate degree.

These courses include MA, MSc, M.Com, MBA, MCA & MSW. The Thiruvalluvar University syllabus for post graduate courses can be downloaded easily following the below sections:

07. MA Syllabus

The Master of Arts (MA) program is a professional program that offers students the opportunity to receive a well-rounded education in the arts. 

The program focuses on the arts in a number of areas, and is recognized for its commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and service in the fields of the arts. 

The MA program offers a degree that allows students to develop the skills, knowledge, and interests necessary to pursue professional positions in the arts.

At Thiruvalluvar University, the following courses are offered:

EconomicsDefence & Strategic StudiesPublic Administration
Political ScienceArabic

08. MSc Syllabus

The Thiruvalluvar University syllabus for Master of Science comprises a wide range of courses including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, IT, CS, etc.

The complete list of courses is shown below in tabular format & you can download the complete syllabus using the download link below this table.

Information TechnologyMathematicsChemistry
Interior Design and DecorFood & NutritionBotany
BiochemistryComputer ScienceApp. Microbiology

09. M.Com Syllabus

Master of Commerce is a 2 year degree program that one can do after completing their Bachelor’s degree. In this course, you will deep dive into concepts of Finance, Accounting, Taxes, etc.

This course can be done with or with Computer Applications & the complete syllabus is given below. All you have to do is to click the links below & you are good to go!

M.ComM.Com. (Computer Applications)

10. MBA Syllabus

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is one of the most popular courses offered by business schools and colleges to individuals who wish to take charge of their professional lives and careers.

Both beginners and advanced learners can enroll in the MBA program. It is intended for those who would like to learn various aspects of managing businesses, in particular those of the modern age.

At Thiruvalluvar University, the course duration of MBA is 2 years, and the course scope has been designed in such a way that it could be of use to beginners as well as advanced learners.

You can download the complete syllabus using the below links:


11. MCA Syllabus

MCA stands for Master of Computer Applications. It is a course in the field of Computer Science & can be done after BCA or Bachelor of Science. 

In this course, you will get to learn programming languages like C, C#, JAVA, Python & various concepts of OOPS.

At Thiruvalluvar university, the duration of course is 2 years, i.e. four semesters. You can download the complete syllabus using the link below.

12. MSW Syllabus

A Master of Social Work (MSW) degree prepares students to work in a variety of settings, including welfare, health, human services, child care, and nonprofit organizations.

The MSW course is highly flexible, allowing you to choose the type of course that is best suited to your career goals.

You can download Thiruvalluvar university syllabus for Master of Social Work using the below link:


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Final Words

With so many undergraduate and postgraduate courses available at Thiruvalluvar university, it can get a little overwhelming to find the syllabus for your course.

Well, through this post – we have tried our best to share the complete Thiruvalluvar university syllabus for various UG & PG courses in one place. You can simply navigate through the post & download the complete syllabus in pdf format.

We hope after following this post, you will be able to download your syllabus. If still any query left, make sure to leave a comment below this post.

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