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Study Better by Removing Distractions

10 Ways to Study Better by Removing Distractions [2023 Guide]

How do you study better? The answer is really quite simple; you remove distractions. When your mind goes in one direction, and you remove distractions, the thoughts that enter your mind are more focused. 

This allows you to study more effectively. This blog will go over a few ways you can study better by removing distractions and focus better on the task at hand.

Why Should You Remove Distractions While Studying?

There are many things that can distract you while you are studying. Sometimes, it is not your personal distractions that are the problem, but the distractions that are around you. 

For example, if you are studying in a library, there may be people walking around or loud music playing. You should be sure to remove distractions while you are studying because they can make it difficult to focus and take in the information that you need. 

You should also be sure to have a study area that is quiet and free of distractions. In the below section, we have shared 10 of the best ways to remove distractions & study better as a college student.

Ways to Study Effectively by Removing Distractions

Studying can be hard to do, especially because there are a lot of distractions that we can be faced with while trying to study.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. With a little bit of practice and the right tools, you can find the time to study. Over the next few sections, we have discussed 10 of the best ways to study effectively.

01. Set a Timer

It is important to set a timer when you are studying. This helps you stay focused and makes it easier to stay on task. There are a few different ways you can set a timer for your study session. 

Set a Timer

For example, you can set a timer for thirty minutes, which is a good amount of time to study. You can also set a timer for an hour, which is the perfect amount of time to study. 

You can set the timer for an amount of time that is appropriate for your specific study sessions. Also note that taking a break is also very essential for being productive.

02. Put a post-it note on your forehead

Studies have shown that the act of writing on paper can help you focus on the task at hand. When you are studying, it is best to write on a paper and not on your phone or computer screen. 

Put a post-it note on your forehead

Writing on paper can help you focus because you can’t just scroll through your phone or computer screen. You can also use post-its to help you focus.

You can place a post-it note on your forehead while studying. This will help you stay focused on what you are doing.

03. Turn Off your Phone

When it comes to studying, it is essential to disconnect from your phone and other distractions. I know this is easier said than done, but it is important to create an environment where you can focus on what you are doing. 

If you are going to be studying, turn off your phone and other distractions and put them away. If you are using your phone, put it on airplane mode. This will prevent other people from contacting you. 

Furthermore, you should close all of your tabs that are open on your computer. This will help prevent you from getting distracted by other websites.

If you have an iPad, you should turn off the auto-play feature and turn on airplane mode. It is also helpful to put your phone in a far away place and turn on airplane mode. This will help prevent you from checking your phone while you are studying.

04. Listen to Music

Many people like to listen to music while they study. It is a great way to create a focused and productive work environment. However, it is important to choose the right type of music. 

Listen to Music

There are many different types of music that are great for studying, but you should also make sure that it is not too distracting. You should look for music that is slow and relaxing. If you are studying in an area where you need to be quiet, you should avoid heavy metal, rap, and other loud music. 

On the other hand, you should make sure to keep the volume low. It is best to choose music that isn’t too distracting, but that is also enjoyable.

05. Turn Off the TV

Turning off the TV while studying is a good way to increase your concentration and focus. It is also a good way to help you achieve more in your studies. If you’re not doing anything else, you can study while watching TV. 

However, if you are studying for a final or a big test, it is not a good idea to watch TV while you study. Watching TV during these times may make you feel more relaxed and distracted, which is the opposite of what you want.

06. Turn off your Computer (if not in use)

It is a good idea to turn off your computer while studying. This will help you to focus on the task at hand much more easily. 

It is also a good idea to only turn your computer on when you absolutely need it. This will help you minimize distractions and increase your productivity.

07. Get your doubts and worries out of the way

It is not good to have doubts and worries while studying. If you are worried about your grades and how you are doing on a test, you will find it difficult to study. 

You need to clear your head and get your doubts and worries out of the way before you start studying. This will help you to focus on your studies without distractions.

08. Find a study Buddy

If you are trying to study for a big test, you will want to find a study buddy. You can make it your goal to find someone you can study with and you can help each other out, which will make studying much easier. 

Find a study Buddy

The easiest way to find a study buddy by looking for a friend who is also trying to study for the same test and invite them to study with you. You can also look for someone in your school or on your social media who is studying for the same test. You can also find someone you know who is willing to study with you. 

Once you have found a study buddy, you should agree to meet up at a set time and place to study. You should also agree to study each other’s test in order to make sure you are on the same page.

09. Make a Study Playlist

One way to study is to listen to music while you study. However, you need to find a study playlist that will help you focus, stay on task, and avoid distractions. 

Make a Study Playlist

If you’re currently struggling with your studies, you should make a study playlist. This playlist can help you focus and stay on task by playing music that is relaxing and helps you get into your headspace. You should also make sure that the playlist has a good variety of music.

You can listen to Lofi Study Playlist on Spotify for free!

10. Remain Positive when Studying

It is important to remain positive when studying. This can be achieved by taking a break every now and then. If you feel like you are getting stressed out, take a break. 

This will help you to relax and clear your mind. Also, you should make sure that you have a lot of fun with your studies. It is important to stay positive and have a good time while studying.



It can be difficult to find a balance between studying and what’s important in your life, but there are ways to make this process much easier. This is an important topic to many people and we hope you found our blog post helpful. 

Remember to stay focused and motivated on getting the grades you want. If you still have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below this post. 

Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide valuable information on a topic like this!

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