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BEd Books PDF: 1st & 2nd Year (2023 Edition)

If you’re a B.Ed student and searching for BEd books in pdf format, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we have shared download links to more than 14 BEd books for the 1st & 2nd year in pdf format. All you have to do is to follow this tutorial & you are good to go. 

Before we begin, let me share what exactly we are going to share in this blog post. Here is a short overview:

  • A brief overview of the B.Ed course,
  • B.Ed syllabus for 1st & 2nd year,
  • All the BEd books in pdf format &
  • Finally, some frequently asked questions.

Alright, let’s dive right in!

B.Ed Course Details & Syllabus

Bachelor of Education or B.Ed is a 2-year undergraduate course that students can pursue after completing their bachelor’s degree in any stream (Humanities, Arts, Science, Engineering, etc.).

This course is designed for students who want to make their career in the field of teaching. Throughout the course, you will learn how to teach students along with various teaching techniques, lesson plans & much more.

The bachelor of education course is a leading course to get a different perspective in the field of education. The course is divided into theory and professional pathways.

  • Eligibility: Graduation with a minimum of 50 – 50% marks from a recognized university.
  • Course Duration: 2 years (four semesters)
  • Top Entrance Exams: BHU B.Ed, MAH B.Ed, RIE CEE B.Ed, IGNOU B.Ed.

B.Ed Syllabus

The syllabus of B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) for 1st & year students as per NCERT is discussed below in semester-wise format. Each year is divided into two semesters & the pattern for each semester is shown below in tabular format.

B.Ed 1st Year Syllabus:

Semester ISemester II
1. Childhood and Growing Up1. Learning and Teaching
2. Contemporary India and Education2. Pedagogy of School Subject-1 – Part II 
3. Language across the Curriculum3. Pedagogy of School Subject-2 – Part II 
4. Pedagogy of School Subject-1 – Part I 4. Knowledge and Curriculum
5. Pedagogy of School Subject-2 – Part I5. Assessment for Learning

B.Ed 2nd Year Syllabus:

Semester IIISemester IV
1. Pre internship1.  Gender, School, and Society
2. Internship2. Reading and Reflecting on Texts
3. Engagement with the Field: Tasks and Assignments related to the internship3. Arts in Education
4. Understanding the Self
5. Creating an Inclusive School
6. Health, Yoga, and Physical Education

BEd Books PDF

The BEd books in pdf format for 1st, 2nd & 3rd years are available for free to download in the below sections. For each book, we have created a separate section, from where you can download all the blocks under each book.

Before we begin, please note that these books are provided from IGNOU’s eGyankosh platform. These books are free to download on the IGNOU website & we have provided the IGNOU links, thereby giving them proper credit. For credits/removals/suggestions, please email us at [email protected].

01. Childhood & Growing Up Book PDF

The subject “Childhood & Growing Up” is one of the fundamental subjects of B.Ed. This subject covers all the knowledge and skills that all children require for their proper development and growth.

A variety of topics are covered in this book, including adolescence, childhood, and the early years of adulthood.

S. No.Books
1. Adolescence and Childhood
2. Growing Up: Infancy of Adulthood
3. Childhood & Adolescence: Critical Debates

02. Contemporary India & Education Book PDF

Another book that is covered in the syllabus of the first semester is “Contemporary India & Education”. It covers a lot of frameworks & perspectives regarding education in the country.

A list of topics inside this book is shown below:

S. No.Books
1. Indian Societal Context and Education
2. Policy Frameworks for Education in India
3. Philosophical Perspectives of Education in India
4.Issues & Concerns in Secondary Education

03. Learning & Teaching Book PDF

Learning and teaching are all about the approaches and perspectives a teacher takes in order to make the teaching and learning process easier.

This book covers topics like Learning: Perspectives & Approaches, Understanding the Learner, Teaching-Learning Process & Teacher as a professional.

S. No.Books
1. Learning: Perspectives & Approaches
2. Understanding the Learner
3. Teaching-Learning Process
4.Teacher as a professional

04. Understanding Disciplines & Subjects Book PDF

It is through the book “Understanding Disciplines & Subjects” that you will be able to apply your own reflection on the nature and role of disciplinary knowledge in the school curriculum, as well as the paradigm shifts in the nature of disciplines and subjects.

Talking about the syllabus covers two important blocks: Understanding Knowledge & Disciplines and Subjects in School Curriculum.

S. No.Books
1. Understanding Knowledge & Disciplines
2. Subjects in School Curriculum

05. Knowledge & Curriculum Book PDF

The Knowledge & Curriculum subject help students by introducing them to the theoretical base of education. 

This subject will introduce you to some of the basic concepts including Knowledge, Curriculum & Curriculum Engagement in Schools.

S. No.Books
1. Knowledge in Education
2. Understanding Curriculum
3. Curriculum Engagement in Schools

06. Assessment for Learning Book PDF

The book “Assessment for Learning” in Bachelor of Education focuses on how to provide and design effective assessments in education. 

This book enables students to learn how to assess learning, develop and use assessment portfolios, and produce and provide effective reports.

Major topics in this book cover, evaluation of teaching & learning methods, Assessment techniques & tools, and analysis and evaluation of learner’s performance. 

Click on the link below to download all the units under this book.

S. No.Books
1. Evaluation of Teaching Learning Process
2. Techniques & Tools of Assessment & Evaluation
3. Learner’s Evaluation
4.Analysis & Interpreting Learner’s Performance

07. Creating an Inclusive School Book PDF

An inclusive school is a school that works well for all students. It is a school that recognizes the diversity of students in school and does not prioritize or focus on struggling students. 

In order to create an inclusive school, you must first understand the needs of all students. In order to do that, you need to determine what students need in order to be successful in school. 

A student’s needs can be academic, emotional, and social. One way that you can determine a student’s needs is by conducting a needs assessment. 

The assessment can be completed through a questionnaire, interviews, or observations. Once you know what the needs are, you can create a plan that addresses those needs.

The book “Creating an Inclusive School” aims to provide a practical understanding of the historical and contemporary challenges of developing inclusive schooling and what challenges the teacher will face in the school or school system context.

The topics included in this book are Diversity, Inclusion & strategies for creating inclusive classrooms. Follow the below link to download books on this subject.

S. No.Books
1. Diversity & Inclusion
2. Strategies for Creating Inclusive Classrooms

08. Gender School & Society Book PDF

Many in the education sector have been talking about the topic of gender in the classroom and how it could be made more inclusive. What is often not discussed is why gender is an issue in the first place. 

This book aims to introduce students to the complex and continued issues of gender and equality, by critically examining the global education system, the role of gender in education, and the potential impact of this on society.

Gender issues in School, society & pedagogic practices are a few main topics that you will study throughout this book.

S. No.Books
1. Gender Issues in School & Society
2. Gender & Pedagogic Practices

09. Open & Distance Education Book PDF

Open and distance education is a type of education that can take place outside of a classroom. There are many different forms of open and distance education, with each one being a little different.

It is a form of education where the course is offered through the internet, distance learning, and where classes are not held on campus. In this book, students will explore the meaning of education and how it can be applied to their lives.

Topics covered in this book include Genesis & Evolution, Distance teaching & ODE.

S. No.Books
1. Genesis & Evolution
2. Teaching at a Distance: Design & Development of ODE Resources
3. Learner Support Services in ODE
4.Planning & Management of ODE

10. Guidance & Counseling Book PDF

The Bachelor of Education (BEd) program with guidance & counseling as a specialty is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide guidance and counseling to students in a variety of settings. 

The course has a strong focus on building students’ knowledge and skill in the following areas: understanding the nature and purpose of counseling and guidance, the nature of human development, and the nature of the school environment. 

This book will help prepare students to work in a variety of settings including preschools, elementary schools, secondary schools, and colleges & universities.

S. No.Books
1. Introduction to Guidance & Counselling
2. Techniques & Procedures
3. Career Development
4.Guiding Students with Special Needs

11. Information & Communication Technology Book PDF

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has transformed our world over the past decade. 

With the advancement of technology, the way that we communicate, learn, and work has changed. 

This book offers students a broad knowledge of ICT, which includes information technology, telecommunications, and media. It prepares students for a variety of careers, including teaching, education, business, and journalism.

S. No.Books
1. Understanding ICT
2. Teaching & Learning Resources
3. ICT & Pedagogy
4.Support Systems, Legal & Ethical Issues

12. Pedagogy of Science Book PDF

Science education is a branch of education that many believe to be the key to a successful and happy life. 

Pedagogy of science is the study of changes in knowledge through a social and academic context. It is a set of methods, practices, and theories used to investigate, understand, and improve teaching and learning in science.

This book provides students with an opportunity to study and challenge the pedagogy of science in the classroom. 

S. No.Books
1. Understanding Science
2. Teaching-Learning of Science
3. Content-Based Methodology – I
4.Content-Based Methodology – II

13. Pedagogy of Social Science Book PDF

Social science is a discipline that uncovers the social and cultural aspects of human life. 

It is interdisciplinarity that is based on the concept that human life is socially-influenced and that social science is a process of investigating this influence. Social science has many sub-disciplines and it is a broad and diverse field. 

The pedagogy of social science is a fundamental aspect of this discipline because it is the core of the educational and research activities that are conducted in this field. 

Social science is not just the study of human life and its social interactions, but rather it is the study of the process of human life.

S. No.Books
1. Pedagogy of Social Science
2. Teaching-Learning Process: Specific to Subject Areas
3. Content-Based Methodology: History & Political Science
4.Content-Based Methodology: Geography & Economics

14. Pedagogy of Mathematics Book PDF

Pedagogy of Mathematics in Bachelor of Education course is a course that focuses on teaching the subject by using a more powerful and effective way.

The course consists of a number of strategies that are used in teaching mathematics in a more effective way. 

The strategies are aimed at making students more aware of the mathematics that they are learning and helping them to develop a more critical and inquisitive approach toward mathematics. 

These strategies help students to understand and question their own learning, to reflect on their own thinking, and be more active learners of mathematics.

S. No.Books
1. Understanding the Disciplines of Mathematics
2. Teaching-Learning of Mathematics
3. Content-Based Methodology I
4.Content-Based Methodology II

15. Pedagogy of English Book PDF

Pedagogy of English is a field of study that explores the theory and practice of teaching and learning the English language. 

It is an important area of study for teachers and students of English. This is because teaching and learning English is an integral part of almost every subject area. 

English is also the primary language that most people use in the world, making it a critical subject area.

S. No.Books
1. Instructional Planning in Teaching of English
2. Listening Comprehension & Speaking
3. Reading Comprehension
4.Teaching Writing & Grammar


What is the duration of the B.Ed course?

The duration of the B.Ed course is 2 years. Each year is composed of two semesters. Out of the four semesters, you will study in the classroom during the three while in the fourth semester you will have to complete your internship.

What is the syllabus of B.Ed?

The syllabus of B.Ed consists of the following books: Childhood & Growing Up, Learning & Teaching, Contemporary India & Education, Gender School & Society, Creating an Inclusive School, Pedagogy of Subjects, etc.

Which book is best for B.Ed 1st year?

Some of the top authors for BEd books are S.K. Mangal, Shubhra Mangal, R. Gupta, etc. These books vary from university to university, so it is better to ask your teachers.

How many books are there in B.Ed 2nd year?

There are around 6-7 books in the 2nd year of B.Ed which is quite less as one of the two semesters in the second year is dedicated to internship & project work.

How can I download BEd books for free in pdf?

You can simply download BEd books for free by visiting our website:


In this guide, we have tried our best to provide you free to download BEd books for 1st & 2nd-year students. In case, we have missed something – do let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section.

Also, please let us know if you need similar posts on other courses as well. Stay connected with us on Facebook & Instagram.

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