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Calicut University Syllabus Download

Calicut University Syllabus 2023: UG & PG [Download PDF]

Calicut University Syllabus [PDF]: Calicut university or The University of Calicut is one of the largest state universities in Malappuram, Kerala. 

In this article, we have shared the complete syllabus of Calicut university for various UG & PG courses.

No matter which course you belong to, we have shared the syllabus of almost all the courses, so as to make it easy for you to find it all in one place.

Here’s a brief overview of what we have covered in this article:

  • A brief overview of Calicut university
  • List of available courses at UOC
  • Link to download syllabus of various UG & PG Courses, &
  • University Contact Details / Website Link for Latest syllabus.

So without any further delay let’s dive right in!

About Calicut University

Located in Malappuram, Calicut university is one of the largest universities in Kerala, India. It is a state university established in the year 1968.

The University of Calicut (UOC) is accredited by NAAC with an A grade & is one of the best universities in Kerala. 

It offers a wide range of UG (undergraduate) & PG (postgraduate) courses. The complete list of courses is shown in the below table: 

UG CoursesPG Courses
1. BA (Bachelor of Arts)1. MA (Master in Arts)
2. BTTM (Bachelor of Travel & Tourism Management)2. Master of Library Science
3. BSW (Bachelor of Social Work)3. MTA (Master of Theatre Arts)
4. BTA (Bachelor of Theatre Arts)4. MBE (Master of Business Economics)
5. BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)5. MBA (Master of Business Administration)
6. B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)6. M.Com (Master of Commerce)
7. B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)7. MTHM (Master of Tourism & Hospitality Management)
8. LLB (Bachelor of Laws)8. MHM (Master of Hotel Management)
9. BBA LLB9. MCA (Master of Computer Applications)
10. B.Com LLB10. Master of Architecture
11. B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)11. Masters of Law (LLM)
12. BPEd (Bachelor of Physical Education)12. MEd (Master of Education)
13. BSc (Bachelor of Science)13. MPEd (Master of Physical Education)
14. BVoc (Bachelor of Vocational Studies)14. MSc (Master of Science)
15. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)15. MVOc (Master of Vocational Studies)
16. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

Let us now move to our main point of discussion, i.e. Calicut university syllabus for various UG & PG courses.

Calicut University Syllabus: Free Download PDF

In this section, we have shared the syllabus of Calicut University for various UG & PG courses. Please note that we have provided the syllabus from the official website of Calicut University. 

You can also download the same syllabus by visiting the official website of the university. Our main objective of providing a syllabus on our website is the ease of access for college students.

Calicut University Syllabus Free Download PDF

Follow the below sections & you are good to go!

University of Calicut UG Syllabus

The University of Calicut offers more than 15 undergraduate courses. In this section, we have covered the syllabus of 9 of the top undergraduate courses. 

However, at the end of this section – we have provided a link to download the syllabus of other courses as well.

01. Calicut University BA Syllabus

The Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calicut was designed to give you a broad and deep understanding of the world. 

It is ideal for those who want to study at the undergraduate level and for those who want to pursue graduate studies. 

With a broad liberal arts curriculum, a wide range of electives, and a focus on the arts and humanities, students are able to create a breadth of knowledge and expertise in many fields. 

The BA course is also a great option for those who want to learn more about the world as a whole and explore a number of different disciplines.

The duration of the BA course at the University of Calicut is 2 years & is composed of a wide range of subjects like History, Economics, English, Political Science, etc.

Click on the below link to download the complete syllabus for BA at the University of Calicut.

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Islamic HistoryFunctional EnglishMusic
English with Islamic HistorySanskrit SahityaEconometrics & Data Management
Public AdministrationPhilosophyTamil Lang & Literature
Graphic Design & AnimationMass CommunicationCriminology & Political Science
Advertising & Sales ManagementIslamic Finance with Computer ApplicationsPolitical Science
English Lang/LiteratureEconomics with Islamic FinanceFilm & Television
Communication & Media & HistoryAfzal Ul UlamaFunctional Arabic
Arabic Lang. / LiteratureDevelopment EconomicsVisual Communication
EconomicsArabic & Islamic HistoryHindi Language & Literature
Urdu Lang. / LiteratureArabic & HistoryIslamic Studies
West Asian StudiesSociologyHuman Resource Management
MultimediaEconomics with Foreign TradeMalayalam Lang. / Literature

02. Calicut University B.Arch Syllabus

The Bachelor of Architecture course is a degree course that teaches students how to design and construct buildings. The field of study is architecture, and the career opportunities are diverse.

The duration of the course at UOC is 3 years. Download the complete syllabus using the below link:

03. Calicut University BSW Syllabus

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is a course that is designed to be studied by students who have a passion for working within the field of social work. 

The course aims to develop skills in the practice of social work, and also to provide students with the opportunity to explore their career options and find the right path for them. 

There are many career options that a student can follow in order to further their career and make a difference. Some of these career options include working in the public sector, non-profit organizations, the private sector, and the military. 

The Bachelor of Social Work is a course that is designed to provide all students with the skills and knowledge that they need to enter the working world.

At the University of Calicut, the duration of the BSW course is 3 years with each year consisting of two semesters & thus a total of 6 semesters.

04. Calicut University BCA Syllabus

The Bachelor of Computer Applications course is a 3-year course offered by the University of Calicut. It offers students a good understanding of concepts related to the field of computer applications. 

It also helps them to develop their skills in the process of application development, data analysis, and reporting, visualization and presentation, and many more.

You will get to learn various programming languages in this course. The complete syllabus can be easily downloaded using the below link:

05. Calicut University BSc Syllabus

BSc stands for Bachelor of Science and is a 3-year-long undergraduate degree program that enables students to study science after 10+2. 

The University of Calicut offers BSc in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry, Food Technology, etc. 

Applied PhysicsElectronicsFamily & Community Science
Environment & Water ManagementCostume & Fashion DesigningGeology
MicrobiologyPlant SciencePsychology
Hotel Management & Culinary ArtsIndustrial ChemistryBotany
GeneticsBiochemistryFood Technology
Catering Science & HMPhysicsZoology
Mathematics & PhysicsHome ScienceComputer Science
Forensic SciencePolymer ChemistryBiotechnology
MathematicsChemistryInformation Technology
InstrumentationAquacultureApplied Statistics with Data Science
Printing TechnologyStatisticsGeography

06. Calicut University B.Com Syllabus

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is a three-year undergraduate course that is offered by the University of Calicut. It is a course of study in business administration and commerce. 

The Bachelor of Commerce course is focused on four core areas of study: business, accounting, economics, and marketing

It is a course of study to prepare students for entry into the workforce and for careers in business, accounting, economics, marketing, management, finance, insurance, human resources, and other related fields.

07. Calicut University BBA Syllabus

The Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA degree in short is a three-year course of study at Calicut University which may be followed by a two-year Master of Business Administration or MBA. 

The course is normally taken by students in the sciences. It is commonly an entry-level degree for students who wish to pursue a career in business administration, marketing, human resources, finance, accounting, economics, management, and other fields.

08. Calicut University B.Tech Syllabus

B.Tech or Bachelor of Technology is an engineering course offered by the University of Calicut & is offered in trades including Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Printing Technology & IT.

The complete syllabus of B.Tech for all the trade can be downloaded using the below link:

09. Calicut University B.Ed Syllabus

The Bachelor of Education Course is the ultimate degree for aspiring teachers. It is a comprehensive course that covers a wide range of subjects and skills, including pedagogy, culture, and theory. 

The Bachelor of Education Course at the University of Calicut is 3 years long. Education is a rewarding career path, and the Bachelor of Education Course is a great step to take.

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10. Other UG Courses

If the syllabus of the undergraduate course you are looking for is not on the list, then you can click on the below link to download the syllabus of other courses.

University of Calicut PG Syllabus

In terms of postgraduate programs, the University of Calicut has a wide offering. Among their top PG courses are MA (Master of Arts), MSW (Master of Social Work), MSc (Master of Science), M.Com (Master of Commerce), M.Phil (Master of Philosophy), and M.Tech (Master of Technology).

In the below sections, we have provided download links to the syllabus of all the PG courses. In order to download the complete syllabus, all you have to do is to click on the link below each section & you are good to go!

11. Calicut University MA Syllabus

Master of Arts course at Calicut University is a subject-based course that has a duration of two years and is designed to help students with a problem-solving approach to their future. 

The course is available in many different fields, including arts, humanities, social sciences, human development, teaching, and language.

It is a great choice for those who are interested in pursuing a career in publishing, freelance writing, teaching, law, and more.

Women’s StudiesMalayalamHindi
EconomicsFinancial EconomicsEnglish
Political ScienceHistorySanskrit
SociologyCriminology & Police ScienceArabic
Comparative LiteratureFolklore StudiesSanskrit Sahitya
UrduMusicFunctional Hindi & Translation
Journalism & Mass CommunicationPhilosophy

Duration of Course: 2 years

Subjects: History, Economics, English, Hindi, Sociology, Political Science, etc.

12. Calicut University MSW Syllabus

The Master of Social Work (MSW) program at the University of Calicut is a 2-year (four semesters) course of study that trains students to be social workers. 

It is a demanding course that includes both classroom learning and field-based learning, which includes practicums. 

The course prepares students to work with individuals, families, groups, and communities, and it is designed to prepare students for a career as a professional social workers. 

Duration of Course: 2 years

Subjects: Human Growth & Development, Professional Skills for Social Workers, Theory & Practice of Counselling, etc.

13. Calicut University MSc Syllabus

The Master of Science course is a course that is designed for students that want to take their education to the next level. 

At Calicut University, this course is designed for students who are looking to delve into deeper scientific research. Students are also required to go through a course that explores the fields of psychology and ethics. 

Students who graduate with a Master of Science degree have a long list of career opportunities open to them, including medical science, pharmaceutical science, scientific research, molecular biology, molecular genetics, molecular immunology, biochemistry, public health, environmental policy, environmental criminology, and more.

Applied PsychologyForensic ScienceComputer Science
Applied Plant Sci.Applied ChemistryMicrobiology
Applied ZoologyPhysicsStatistics
MathematicsEnvironmental ScienceBiochemistry
Radiation PhysicsPrinting & Packaging TechnologyApplied Geology
Human Physiology

Duration of Course: 2 years

Subjects: Physics, Mathematics, Applied Chemistry, Statistics, Biochemistry, etc.

14. Calicut University M.Com Syllabus

M.Com stands for Master of Commerce. It is designed to help students establish their careers within the field of business. 

This course is perfect for those who aspire to start their career with a master’s degree in the fields of business and finance. 

The course is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the various aspects of the field of business. It also helps students learn how to effectively manage the financial aspects of their business, including how to manage business finances, how to develop accounting systems, how to hire and manage staff, and how to market and sell their products. 

Duration of Course: 2 years

Subjects: Financial Accounting, Finance, Indian Economy, Foreign Trade,  etc.

15. Calicut University M.Phil Syllabus

M.Phil or Master of Philosophy is a research-based postgraduate degree program that lasts 1 to 2 years at the University of Calicut.

It is a postgraduate course that which students will learn how to design an individualized course of study that is appropriate for their professional needs. 

Along with a thesis statement, students will be required to write a research proposal and a methodology for their thesis. They will study literature and philosophy, with topics including ethics and politics.

Duration of Course: 1 to 2 years

Subjects: Commerce, Humanities, Science, etc.

16. Calicut University M.Tech Syllabus

The Master of Technology program at Calicut University is a professional engineering course that prepares students for the workforce and further studies, in areas such as industrial engineering, manufacturing, and automation engineering. 

The course is offered by two engineering departments and is spread over three years. It includes a mix of theoretical, practical, and laboratory-based learning. 

The syllabus includes topics such as engineering design, optimization, materials, manufacturing, automation, and process engineering.

Duration of Course: 2 years

Subjects: Nano Science & Technology

17. Other PG Courses

Till now, we have shared the link to the syllabus of various post-graduate programs. In case we missed something, you can simply click on the below link to download the complete syllabus from the official website of the university.

All you have to do is to click the below link & you will be redirected to your university website. Next, you have to select the Postgraduate Courses section & then the course of your choice.

University of Calicut Contact Details

If you are unsure about the syllabus or are still not able to download the complete syllabus, simply leave a comment below this post or contact the university regarding the latest syllabus.

Contact Details:

Phone No. : 0494 240 7170
Email ID: [email protected]
Address: Calicut University PO Malappuram, 673635
Contact Page: Student Helpline

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Final Words

In this guide, I have tried my best to provide you complete syllabus of all UG & PG courses of Calicut University. I hope you will be able to download the complete syllabus following this post.

In case you were not able to download the syllabus for any reason, feel free to leave a comment below this post. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

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