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Magadh University Syllabus

Magadh University Syllabus 2023: UG & PG Courses [PDF]

Free Download Magadh University Syllabus [Latest]

Located in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, Magadh University is a renowned university in North India with over 15 colleges affiliated with it. 

In this post, we are here with the detailed syllabus of Magadh University for almost all undergraduate & postgraduate courses. In the below sections, you will find the steps to download the complete syllabus of the university in PDF format.

Feel free to visit the FAQ section at the end of this post – as we have answered the most common queries there.

About Magadh University

Magadh University is one of the largest Universities in India. It is located in the large town of Bodhgaya in Bihar. 

The University was founded on March 1, 1962. Both undergraduate and graduate students can enroll in a wide range of courses at Magadh University.

It includes Humanities, Science, Social Science & Commerce, along with vocational courses like Mass Communication, Library Science, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Yoga, and Foreign Languages.

Examinations are conducted in university-run subjects twice a year following a semester system that takes place during an interval of six months.

These courses can also be pursued as postgraduate degrees in the colleges that are affiliated with them.

Courses offered by Magadh University

Magadh university offers a wide range of general as well as vocational courses in their undergraduate & postgraduate degree programs.

Applicants for professional courses must take entrance exams, whereas for others admission is on the basis of merit.

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered at the university include:

  • B.A. / M.A. (Bachelor/ Master of Arts)
  • B.Sc./ M.Sc. (Bachelor/ Master of Science)
  • B.Com./ M.Com. (Bachelor/ Master of Commerce)
  • B.C.A./ M.C.A. (Bachelor / Master of Computer Application)
  • B.B.A./ M.B.A. (Bachelor / Master of Business Administration)
  • B.Ed./ M.Ed. (Bachelor/ Master of Education)

Magadh University Syllabus: Download PDF

The syllabus of undergraduate and post-graduate courses for Magadh university can be downloaded easily through the download links given at the end of each course in the upcoming sections.

Please note that the syllabus provided here is the same as that available on the website of Magadh University. Also, it is completely free to download.

UG Syllabus

Various undergraduate courses are offered at Magadh University. These include B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., and B.Ed. etc. 

Bachelor’s degree programs last three years and exams are held twice a year in semester-mode. In the next few subsections, you will find the syllabus of various UG courses.

01. B.A.

Students who have completed an intermediate degree in any field may apply for the Bachelor of Arts program. This course offers Arts, Humanities, and Social Studies to students.

Anyone who meets the above requirements can pursue a degree in Arts. For entry into this field, some colleges under MU conduct their own entrance examination.

Subjects available in the course include:

EconomicsPolitical Science
English HonoursSociology

02. B.Sc.

BSc refers to Bachelor of Science, a three-year degree program for students who wish to study science.

Faculties of science include Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, etc. 

There are endless career opportunities for a BSc student. After completing the bachelor’s degree, you will be eligible for various science-based jobs as well as for the master’s program.

At Magadh University, the syllabus of BSc is divided into six semesters. The complete syllabus can be downloaded easily from the links given at the end of this section.

Below is the list of subjects you can choose from for your Bachelor’s degree:

Computer ScienceBotany

03. B.Ed

Students interested in teaching secondary levels can obtain their Bachelor of Education degree in two years from Magadh University. 

The course lasts for two years & is divided into four semesters. This degree is required for teaching that takes place at the secondary or higher secondary school levels.

Following is a complete blueprint of the two-year degree program’s syllabus:

B.Ed I Year Syllabus

So. No.Subjects
Course 1Childhood and Growing Up
Course 2Contemporary India and Education
Course 3Learning and Teaching
Course 4Language across the Curriculum 
Course 5Understanding Disciplines and Subjects
Course 6Gender, School, and Society
Course 7aPedagogy of a School Subject –Part I
Course EPC 1Reading and Reflecting on Texts
Course EPC 2Drama and Art in Education
Course EPC 3Critical Understanding of ICT

B.Ed II Year Syllabus

So. No.Subjects
Course 7bPedagogy of a School Subject
Course 8Knowledge & Curriculum
Course 9Assessment for Learning
Course 10Creating an Inclusive School
Course 11Optional Course
Course EPC 4Understanding the self
School Internship

04. B.B.A.

Three years of professionally accredited coursework are followed by semester exams. Students from any discipline can earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration. 

Furthermore, the university conducts an entrance exam every year for admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration.

Here is the list of subjects that you have to study during the course:

BBA I Year Syllabus

Group IGroup IIGroup IGroup II
Principles & Practice of ManagementQuantitative MethodsManagerial EconomicsBusiness Environment

BBA II Year Syllabus

Group IGroup IIGroup IGroup II
Financial ManagementBusiness AccountingMarketing ManagementSales Promotion & Advertising

BBA III Year Syllabus

Group IGroup IIGroup IGroup II
Organizational BehaviourHuman Resource DevelopmentComputer ApplicationInternational Business

05. BCA

The course consists of six semesters of study over the course of three years. Students will study computer applications as part of their degree program. 

In the three-year program, you will learn the concepts of programming, software & web development. 

This section includes the following undergraduate course descriptions:

BCA I Year Syllabus

Paper IComputer Fundamentals & ArchitectureComputer Networking, Boolean Algebra & C LanguageProgramming In Visual  & Basic Database Management Systems – I & II
Paper-IIOperating Systems & Business ApplicationsData Structure & Computer-Aided DraftingObject-Oriented & Java Programming

Magadh University PG Courses

In this part, we have discussed the syllabus of various PG courses for Magadh University.

Similar to UG, the download link to the syllabus is given at the end of each section for PG courses.

Let’s start with the Master of Arts!

06. M.A.

The University of Magadh offers a Masters of Arts program for those who are interested in making their career in the field of arts & humanities.

Humanities include subjects such as Language, History, Geography, Political science, etc. Following is the list of subjects that you can choose in your MA:

Political ScienceSociology

07. M.Sc.

The Master of Science is a two-year degree program that is designed to enhance the knowledge of specific science subjects.

If you have completed your BSc, you can either take the entrance exam or you can apply based on the merit list provided by the university.

The following subjects are available for your MSc in MU:

BotanyHome Science
Computer ScienceEnvironmental Science

08. M.Com.

MCom stands for Master of Commerce. The duration of this course at Magadh University is two years. If you have previously done your graduation in commerce, then this course will help you learn a lot about Finance, Accounting & Management.

Here, you’ll study Business Economics, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, and Marketing Management.

You can download the MCom syllabus through the link given below.

09. Vocational Courses

There are also vocational courses offered by Magadh University, such as Hospitality & Tourism Management and Physiotherapy. MU offers advanced diploma programs in foreign languages that last two to three years. 

Here are some of the vocational courses offered by the university:

BiotechnologyComputer Science
BiochemistryEnvironmental Studies
Foreign LanguagesHospitality & Tourism Management
M.Sc (IT)Physiotherapy


What are the UG courses offered by Magadh University?

The University of Magadh offers various bachelor’s degree programs in different fields. It includes BA, BSc, and BSc. Furthermore, there are professional courses such as B.Ed, B.B.A, B.C.A, etc. All undergraduate degree courses have a duration of two-three years.

What are the post-graduate courses offered by Magadh University?

Post-graduate degree courses available at Magadh University consist of M.Sc, M.A, M.Ed, M.B.A, M.C.A., etc. According to semester-mode, all PG courses take two years, while vocational courses take about two to three years.

How can we download the complete syllabus of Magadh University?

You can either visit the official website of Magadh University to view the complete syllabus or can download it directly through the links provided in this post.

Is there any entrance exam for admission to Magadh University?

In order to be admitted to professional courses such as B.Ed, M.Ed, Ph.D., you will have to take a qualifying entrance examination and for B.B.A and B.C.A, you must complete 12th grade from any recognized board of education.


Magadh University is one of the most prestigious institutions in North India. It offers both undergraduate and graduate programs.

As we mentioned in this post, we have discussed Magadh University in brief, the courses it offers & how you can download the entire syllabus in pdf format.

It would be greatly appreciated if you share this post with your friends and loved ones. Also, feel free to share your queries and suggestions in the comments section below. We will reply to your comments as soon as possible.

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