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Kumaun University B.Com Syllabus

Kumaun University B.Com Syllabus: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year (Free Download)

B.Com Syllabus for Kumaun University, Nainital

Are you a commerce student of Kumaun University Nainital? If yes, then this post is going to be super helpful for you.

In this guide, we will discuss the complete syllabus of B.Com for Kumaun University along with the download links in pdf format.

After reading this post, you will be able to learn more about the course, it’s year-wise syllabus & also will be able to download it in pdf format.

For better navigation, we suggest you to follow the below table of contents. 

B.Com in Kumaun University

B.Com, i.e. Bachelors in Commerce is a 3 year commerce degree program that deals with the study of Accounting & Finance.

In Kumaun University, Nainital – some colleges follow the semester wise module while few others follow the year-wise system. Depending on the college you have chosen, the syllabus will be allotted to you.

If you look closely at the overall course – the syllabus is somewhat similar for both the year-wise & semester-wise students except the fact that the semester-wise syllabus is divided into two parts. 

In this post, we are strictly discussing the year-wise syllabus of B.Com for Kumaun University. If you are looking for Semester-wise syllabus, then you can follow the below link:

➡️ B.Com Semester-wise Syllabus for Kumaun University 

Kumaun University B.Com Year-wise Syllabus

The complete syllabus of B.Com (Bachelors of Commerce) is divided into 3 years. Each year you have to study 2 books depending on the group you have chosen.

Here in the choice based system, there are 3 groups namely, Management, Accounting & Business Economics and Law. Additionally, there is an additional group for those who want to gain the knowledge of Information Technology.

Below is the group-wise distribution of syllabus for each year. After the complete syllabus of B.Com, you will find the download link from where you can download the complete syllabus in PDF format.

Please note that the syllabus provided here is owned by Kumaun University & our motive is to only help students by giving them easy access to it.

Let’s start with the syllabus of B.Com 1st year for Kumaun University! 

Kumaun University B.Com 1st Year Syllabus

As shown below, the 1st year syllabus of B.Com comprises 3 groups & Information Technology as an optional.

General, Office Management & Business Environment are two major books in Group I. The Group II however comprises Auditing & Financial Accounting. 

Finally, the last one involves Business Economics & Regulatory Frameworks. The additional syllabus of IT comprises basic computer programming languages like C/C++.

The complete syllabus of B.Com 1st year for all the 3 groups can be seen below in the tabular form. 

Group I: Management Group

So. No.Books
1. General and Office Management
2.Business Environment

Group II: Accounting Group

So. No.Books
1. Financial Accounting

Group III: Business Economics & Business Law Group

So. No.Books
1. Business Economics
2.Business Regulatory Framework


Group IV: Information Technology Group

So. No.Books
1. Basics of Computer Networks 
2.Computer Organisation & Architecture 
3.Object oriented Programming using C++ 

Kumaun University B.Com 2nd Year Syllabus

The syllabus of B.Com 2nd year for Kumaun University is quite similar to that of the 1st year. Some new & advanced books are introduced in each group.

In Management Group, you have to learn the Basic Business Finance as well as Personnel Management & Industrial Relations.

The advanced version of Accounting is however included in the syllabus of Accounting Group. If you have chosen the third group, i.e. Economics & Law Group, then the syllabus is going to be quite interesting. Here you have to deal with Money Banking, Foreign Exchanges & Public Finance.

Below is the complete syllabus of all three groups in tabular form:

Group I: Management Group

So. No.Books
1. Basic Business Finance 
2.Personnel Management & Industrial Relations

Group II: Accounting Group

So. No.Books
1. Advance Accounting 
2.Cost Accounting 

Group III: Business Economics & Business Law Group

So. No.Books
1. Money Banking & Foreign Exchange 
2.Public Finance 

Kumaun University B.Com 3rd Year Syllabus

Last but not the least, in the syllabus of B.Com 3rd year, you will be going to study some other interesting subjects. The Marketing Management & Statistical Analysis is included in the Management Group.

Additionally, Income Tax Law & Accounts comes under Accounting Group. Here you will learn a lot about Income Tax Filing, Tax exemptions & much more.

The syllabus of Economics & Business Law Group is composed of Legal Frameworks, Insurance Law 7 Practice.

Group I: Management Group

So. No.Books
1. Marketing Management 
2.Statistical Analysis 

Group II: Accounting Group

So. No.Books
1. Income Tax Law & Accounts 
2.Management Accounting  

Group III: Economics & Business Law Group

So. No.Books
1. Corporate Legal Framework 
2.Insurance Law & Practice 

If you are interested in downloading the complete syllabus in pdf format, follow the below link & you are good to go!

Download Complete Syllabus: B.Com 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year >

How to Download B.Com Syllabus from KU Official Website?

Downloading the syllabus from the official website of Kumaun University is quite similar to downloading it from our website. 

All you have to do is to follow the below procedure:

#1: First of all visit the official website of the Kumaun University, Nainital (

Kumaun University Official Website

#2: From the menu, select Faculties >> Faculty of Commerce.

Kumaun University B.Com Faculty

#3: Clicking this link, you will be redirected to the B.Com Faculty page. In this page, you have to select the syllabus Tab & click the link shown in the below image to download.

Kumaun University B.Com Syllabus Download

This is how you can download the syllabus of B.Com from the official website of Kumaun University.

Final Words

In this post, we have discussed the complete syllabus of B.Com for all the three years. Additionally, we have provided the download links for the complete syllabus in pdf format.

We hope you will be able to download the syllabus through the link provided by us. In case, you face any issue while downloading – you can leave a comment & we will try to help you asap.

You can appreciate our efforts by sharing this post with your B.Com friends – because sharing is caring!

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