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OU Syllabus

OU Syllabus: UG, PG & Ph.D. Syllabi for Osmania University (PDF)

Osmania University is among the largest universities in the world in terms of students. If you are a student at OU & are looking for a detailed syllabus, you are at the right place.

In this post, we are here with the complete syllabus of OU covering major courses of UG, PG & Ph.D. programs in pdf format.

If you are a newbie at OU, then this post is going to help you a lot. We have structured the complete syllabus of Osmania University in such a way that you can easily download it.

If you find it difficult to download the syllabus from our website, you can simply leave a comment or read the FAQs at the end of this post.

About Osmania University

Osmania University is one of the prestigious state universities in Hyderabad, Telangana. Established in 1918, it is the seventh oldest university in India.

With more than 300,000 students on campus and affiliated colleges, it is one of the largest universities in the world.

Some of the top colleges in OU include Nizam College, University College of Women, Koti, University Post Graduate College, Secunderabad.

It covers a wide range of courses including BSc, B.Com, BA, B.E, BBA, MBA, etc. A complete list of courses available at OU is given below.

OU Courses List

Some of the major courses offered at OU are listed below.  We have covered some of the major courses. However, this list is not complete & you can view the complete list directly on their website.

UG CoursesPG Courses
1. BSc (Bachelors of Science)1. MSc (Masters of Science)
2. BA (Bachelors of Arts)2. MA (Masters of Arts)
3. B.Com (Bachelors of Commerce)3. M.Com (Masters of Commerce)
4. B.Ed (Bachelors of Education)4. LLB (Bachelors of Law)
5. B.E. (Bachelors of Engineering)5. M.E. (Masters of Engineering)
6. BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration)6. MBA (Masters of Business Administration)
7. BCA (Bachelors of Computer Applications)7. MCA (Masters of Computer Applications)

Doctorate Courses: P.hD. (Doctor of Philosophy)

Osmania University Syllabus

The complete syllabus of Osmania University for UG (Undergraduate), PG (Post Graduate) & P.hD. (Doctorate of Philosophy) is given in the next section.

Please note that the syllabus available here is owned by Osmania University, Hyderabad. We are sharing it here to make it easy for students to find it. 

Let us start with the syllabus for UG courses & then move forward to PG 7 Ph.D.

OU UG Syllabus

The undergraduate courses in Osmania University comprise courses like BSc (Bachelor’s of Science), B.Com (Bachelor’s of Commerce), B.Ed (Bachelor’s of Education), B.E (Bachelor’s of Engineering), BBA (Bachelor’s of Business Administration) & BCA (Bachelors of Computer Applications).

In the below sections, we have discussed the complete syllabus of OU for the above undergraduate degree programs. At the end of each section, the download links of the syllabus in pdf format are given.

BSc Syllabus

BSc stands for Bachelor’s of Science is a 3-year degree program that students can pursue after completing their 10+2 with Science stream.

At Osmania University, the eligibility criteria for the BSc program is a minimum of 40% marks in 10+2 with Science stream.

Below is the list of subjects from which one can do bachelors in science from OU:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Zoology
  • Botany
  • Biochemistry
  • Statistics
  • Geography
  • Geology, etc.

You can use the below links to download the complete BSc syllabus for all subjects.

BotanyStatisticsComputer Sci.Other Subjects

BA Syllabus

BA (Bachelor’s of Arts) is another undergraduate degree program that is popular in India. It is a 3-year program with each year divided into two semesters. Humanities is one of the common subjects taught under this course.

The faculty of Arts at OU comprises of the following subjects:

  • Arabic
  • Pearson
  • English
  • Sanskrit
  • Telugu
  • Marathi, etc.

The complete syllabus of BA for Osmania University can be downloaded using the below links:

TeluguMarathiOther Subjects

B.Com Syllabus

The faculty of commerce at Osmania University comprises B.Com (Bachelor’s of Commerce). 

Similar to B.Sc & BA, it is another 3-year undergraduate degree program in which the subjects of commerce like Accounting, Finance, Law & Income Tax are studied.

This course at OU is divided into various parts. B.Com can be done with:

  • Advertising & Sales Management
  • Computer Applications
  • Foreign Trades
  • Tax Procedures &
  • General Course.

You can use the below links to download the syllabus of B.Com for Osmania University:

Advertising & SalesForeign TradesGeneral
Computer ApplicationsTax ProceduresHonors

B.Ed Syllabus

Those interested in pursuing a career in teaching can take up a B.Ed after graduation or after completing a postgraduate degree.

B.Ed stands for Bachelor’s of Education is a 2-year degree program that can be done with numerous private & government colleges affiliated with Osmania University.

In order to pursue a Bachelor’s in Education, you have to give an entrance exam which is conducted by the university every year. Along with that, you should also have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Some of the major subjects taught under BEd at Osmania University include Philosophical Perspectives of Education, Assessment for Learning, Teaching, Pedagogy, etc.

The complete syllabus of B.Ed form OU can be downloaded using the below link:

Download Complete B.Ed Syllabus >

B.E. Syllabus

For engineering students, B.E. is one of the popular courses available at Osmania University. It stands for Bachelors of Engineering.

It is a 4-year degree program with a total of 8 semesters. The course of B.E. is divided into various trades like Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, etc.

At OU, the following are the major trades in the B.E. course:

  • Civil 
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • IT
  • Electrical Engineering, etc.

The detailed syllabus for all the trades under B.E. is as shown below:

EEEMechanicalOther Courses

BBA Syllabus

BBA stands for Bachelor’s of Business Administration is one of the best bachelor degree programs for those who are interested in job opportunities in the sector of Finance, Marketing or Sales.

It is a 3 year professional undergraduate degree course that can be done after completing 10+2.

The major topics covered under BBA course include:

  • Economics
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Business Law, etc.

You can download the complete syllabus of the BBA through the link below.

BBA Syllabus Download PDF >

BCA Syllabus

If you are the one interested in making your career in the field of Information Technology or development, then BCA is one of the best undergraduate courses.

The syllabus of BCA usually comprises various programming languages such as C, C++, JAVA & Python. It is a 3-year degree program that one can pursue after 10+2 from a recognized board.

After completing your Bachelors in Computer Applications, you can go for the various job openings in IT companies like Infosys, TCS, or Wipro.

At Osmania University, the syllabus of BCA comprises the following important concepts:

  • C Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming with CPP
  • Core JAVA, etc.

The complete syllabus of BCA can be downloaded from the below links:

BCA Syllabus Download >

OU PG Syllabus

The syllabus for PG programs including MSc, MA. M.Com, MBA, MCA, M.E. & LLB is given below.

At the end of each section, the download link is also given – from where you can download the complete syllabus in pdf format.

MSc Syllabus

A Master’s degree is a two-year program that can be pursued in a wide variety of subjects. Depending on your interests, you can select any of these subjects. 

Below is a list of the subjects that can be pursued as part of an MSc degree.

  • Physical Science,
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Microbiology
  • Statistics
  • Biochemistry
  • Biotechnology,
  • Computer Science 

You can choose any subject out of these according to your interest.

The eligibility criteria for admission to Osmania University’s MSc degree programme is that the student should have completed the bachelor degree program or its equivalent from a recognized university and qualify for the entrance test conducted by the university.

You can download the complete syllabus from the links given below:

BotanyComputer ScienceStatisticsOther Subjects

MA Syllabus

A Master in Arts degree is a postgraduate degree offered to individuals who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree that can be pursued in different specializations.

Osmania University conducts a qualifying exam for this course every year with other entrance examinations.

In Master of Arts, there are subjects such as:

  • Hindi
  • English
  • History
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Linguistics
  • Sanskrit, Tamil, and other regional languages of India.

You can download the complete syllabus according to your UG subjects from the given link:

HindiEnglishFine ArtsSanskrit
UrduLinguisticsPhilosophyOther Subjects

MBA Syllabus

Osmania University offers a Masters of Business Administration program for those who want to enhance their knowledge in Business, Finance, Marketing & Sales.

One can also do BBA from the same university. Talking about the MBA, it is a 2-year postgraduate programme with eligibility criteria as Mathematics is one of the compulsory subjects in bachelor’s degree.

TSICET is an entrance exam for BBA that students can take to enroll in this university.

The complete syllabus of BBA is divided into four semesters. Each semester comprises two compulsory & two elective subjects.

If you are looking for a complete MBA syllabus in pdf format, click on the below link & download it in pdf format.

Download OU MBA Syllabus 

M.Com Syllabus

M.Com is a two-year degree programme. Osmania University also conducts an entrance examination for the MCom degree programme which is of qualifying type. To take the entrance exam, the candidate must hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

The complete syllabus of M.Com for OU can be downloaded through the below link:

Download M.Com Syllabus Here

M.E. Syllabus

M.E. stands for Masters of Engineering is a two-year post-graduate programme that one can pursue after completing their bachelor’s degree. 

It is one of the best courses that you can do after B.E. to enhance your knowledge & skills. OU offers this program with a wide range of trades including Civil Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Software, etc.

The complete syllabus of Engineering is divided into four semesters – two semesters each year. You can download the complete syllabus of M.E. directly from the links below in pdf format.

Civil – SECivil-TECSE
MechanicalEEEOther Subjects

MCA Syllabus

MCA stands for master of computer application. It is a two-year professional degree programme for graduates with a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCA) or equivalent from an accredited university.

Candidates who have completed their undergraduate degrees, along with math in class 12, are eligible to apply to the MCA entrance examination at Osmania University.

You can download the syllabus from the link below.

Download Complete MCA Syllabus Here >

LLB Syllabus

When talking about law courses, LLB is one of the finest choices one can make if he/she is interested in making a career in it.

LLB stands for Legislative of Law or Bachelor’s of Law is a 3-year degree program that can be done after any Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 45% marks.

At Osmania University, the eligibility of this course is based on the entrance exam conducted by the university. The overall syllabus of this course is divided into six semesters. 

You can download the syllabus for each semester by clicking the link below:

Semester ISemester IISemester III
Semester IVSemester VSemester VI

OU Ph.D. Syllabus

In addition to the Ph.D. degree, a Ph.D. and original research is done under the direction of an adviser. To earn a Ph.D., you need to be the first to approach a specific problem. 

PhDs enable you to have a successful career in the research field, and once you have completed your degree, you will have excellent knowledge of your field. A philosophy doctorate is an excellent way to gain a deep understanding of a subject.

The duration of this course is 3-5 years & the eligibility criteria is a postgraduate degree in any stream with merit in the related entrance examination.

Osmania University conducts an entrance exam every year for entry into this degree programme. The  University provides the Ph.D. course in the following subjects:


You can use the above links to also download the complete syllabus for various P.hD. programs.


What are the undergraduate courses offered by OU?

UG courses offered by Osmania University include BSc, BA, B.Com, B.Ed, B.E, BCA, BBA, etc.

What are the post-graduate courses offered by OU?

MSc, MA, M.Com, MBA, M.E, MCA & LLB are some of the top post-graduate courses offered by OU.

How can I download the complete syllabus of Osmania University?

You can either download the complete syllabus by visiting the official website of OU & find it in the Syllabus section, or you can directly download it from our website.


So in this post, we discussed the complete syllabus for the courses provided by Osmania University. Furthermore, we also include an overview of the course so that you can quickly search for the syllabus by yourself.

Also, you are welcome to add any ideas you may have that we did not mention. In addition, if you have any questions about the course or syllabus, please let us know in the comments section.

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